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A collective of projects, ideas, and people focused just north of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma


About us

Restoration Collective, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on the area just north of downtown Tulsa.


Our mission is to demonstrate regenerative building and remodeling, low-input urban farms, new life skills, and minimal consumption lifestyles while being deeply rooted to the community.


We have a human ecology bent on changing how our community interacts with its natural, social and built environment.

In 1832, Washington Irving documented this beautiful land full of native food-bearing trees and plants at the bend of the Arkansas River. Since then, a concrete jungle has grown in its place.

But our goal is for tomorrow to be green with crop-yielding trees and native species producing an abundance of food, removing pollution from the atmosphere, purifying our water, increasing the fertility of our soil, and providing wildlife habitat while creating incredible beauty and a richer life for all who call this area home.


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Restoration Collective's founder Nathan Pickard at the Tisdale Food Forest in 2015.

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